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Kristine Battye

Portrait photo of Dr Kristine Battye

Associate Director

Dr Kristine Battye is a public policy consulting specialist in policy analysis, program evaluation and strategic advice to governments and non-government organisations. As an applied researcher, Kristine understands research methodology, tailoring it to the real world requirements of program evaluation, needs assessments, service and program modelling and re-design.

Kristine is focused on producing deliverables that are “do-able” and sustainable, and is known for producing high quality outcomes.
Kristine’s skills include: qualitative and quantitative research design, information synthesis and analysis; critical and creative thinking to develop innovative models and solutions; production of high quality and comprehensive reports and publications; effective presentation and small group facilitation; strong interpersonal skills with the ability to engage with, and form relationships across tiers of government, and at community level.


  • Policy analysis
  • Program evaluation
  • Strategic advice
  • Needs assessments
  • Service and program modelling
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